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Supplier/Contractor Auditing (Second Part Audits/ Trade Related Audits)

JIK Management Consultancy Services conducts onsite supplier audits on your behalf to insure suppliers can support your business and are conducting themselves in accordance with your requirements. Supplier audits are an effective tool for monitoring supplier performance as well as for mitigating the inherent risks associated with the contractual relationships with your suppliers and business risk identified.

Subcontract Internal Audits

Internal Audits for businesses and organizations is one of the many capabilities that JIK Management Consultancy Services provides that will improve your business processes as well as insure you are maintaining and improving an effective Management System.
Most ISO standards require periodic internal audits to determine whether the Quality, OHS, EMS, etc. Management System conforms to the applicable ISO Standard as well as the organizations established process documentation and activities. Also, internal audits are expected to determine if the System are effectively implemented, maintained and how well is business improving in your organizations.

Let JIK Management Consultancy Services Perform Your Internal And Supplier Audits Today

JIK Management Consultancy Services will:

  • Design the most effective Internal Audit Program to evaluate your company business processes.
  • Provide systematic and constant monitoring of your system.
  • Develop and maintain a tailored and customized Master Audit Schedule that focuses on “process auditing”.
  • Prepare all applicable documentation prior to each audit.
  • Co-ordinate and conduct all required Internal Audits within the defined audit cycle.
  • Structure and maintain all Internal Audit Records.
  • Document effective problem statements for each Audit Non-Conformance to ensure effective corrective action.
  • Assess the completion and effectiveness of each Audit Corrective Action.
  • Provide an effective report for Client management to act on all improvements required which will eventually improve customer satisfactions.

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